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English but however but for all that. Es noun. English schilling id Es. English E flat. English it. English assured reassured calmed comforts stills comforted hushed stilled calmed down quieted steadied pacified reassures soothed soothes allayed sedated becalmed quietened pacifies hushes tranquilized appeases becalms tranquillized tranquilizes tranquillizes. English settle to calm to still to quiet to calm down to soothe to steady to tranquilize to quieten to hush to sedate to tranquillize to cool off to comfort sb. English chilled out cooled down. More by bab. Hangman Hangman Fancy a game?

Or learning new words is more your thing? Why not have a go at them together! Living abroad Tips and Hacks for Living Abroad Everything you need to know about life in a foreign country. Phrases Speak like a native Useful phrases translated from English into 28 languages. Living abroad Magazine Internships.

Der Fluch der Zwerge - Teil 2 | The Neverwinter Vault

In English, one way of saying that an event is finished or done with is to say that it's "over. Right at the end, I spread my sugar frosting over the cake. Doch diese Zeiten sind vorbei. But those times are over.

My hours at the baggage loading area of the ground traffic services are over. Es ist jetzt vorbei , ich starte neu.

Die Macht der Zwerge (German Edition)

It's over now, I'm starting anew. Caption 7, Beatrice Egli: Irgendwann. Depending upon the context, vorbei can also be translated as "passed," or "gone," or "past," to name a few possibilities:. Vier Jahre sind vorbei und unser Team ist mit dabei. Four years have passed and our team is in.

Der Winter ist vorbei. The winter is past. So now the knuckle is finished, the three hours have passed by. Caption 45, Kochen mit Cettina: Schweinshaxe. A year flies past Caption 24, rheinmain Szene: Selig. Hint: the direct translation "fat years" isn't quite right! I don't know yet what would lie ahead of me. Wir wussten, was auf uns zukommt. We knew what to expect. Caption 29, Gamification: Wie Spielen den Alltag interessanter mach t.

Download e-book Die Macht der Zwerge (German Edition)

Pauli rettet HSV. Die Koggen, die du heute Abend auf dich zukommen siehst The ships that you'll see coming toward you tonight Damit war eigentlich nur gemeint, ob euch klar war, wie viel da auf euch zukommt. In English, we would say "the more you practice, the better you will speak German. Take a look at the examples below, paying special attention to the positions of the adjectives or the words mehr or weniger and the verbs in both clauses.

And the more positive that is, the more motivational. The lower the regional classification, the cheaper it makes the insurance payment. Because the colder it gets, the less time they're allowed to be outside.

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Je mehr Energie ich spare, desto weniger muss ich auch jagen. So einfach ist das. The more energy I save, the less I have to hunt. It's that simple. Ja, und je braver wir zum Hund sind, desto mehr macht er, was er will.

Der Zwerg, D.771 (Schubert, Franz)

Yes, and the nicer we are to the dog, the more he does just what he wants. Caption 25, Haustiere als Geschenk? Aber je mehr uns davon gelingt, umso besser. But the more it succeeds for us, the better. Je eleganter man wirkt, umso mehr wird man auch anerkannt The more elegant one appears, the more one is also accepted They count the votes after the end of the election. Zahlen Sie bar oder mit Karte? All together that is forty euros and fifty cents. Will you be paying in cash or with a card? Caption 7, Nicos Weg: Zahlen, bitte! It doesn't help that the noun die Zahlen means the "the numbers.

The Advent calendar has twenty-four doors, and each one has a number on it.

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Caption 51, Magie - Die Zaubershow. Caption 11, Piggeldy und Frederick - Karton. If you are interested in learning more verbs related to listening and hearing, take a look at this list. Caption 35, Cannelloni - mit Jenny - Part 1. Caption 2, Kochhaus Berlin - Kochen mit Kindern. Caption 39, German Intro - Cettina. Captions , Piggeldy und Frederick - Sommer.

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It actually means to ignore or miss something one has heard. Berlin is a wonderful city during the soccer world championship. When Germany gets a goal, you can hear cheering and fireworks across the city. But when Germany loses and is no longer playing, the city seems to suddenly go quiet. The accompanying photograph was of five players on the field at the end of the match with their hands on their heads, much like prisoners being led away under arrest.

Very depressing indeed! The phrase in the headlines is not strictly correct, grammatically speaking.

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It's a play on words of the noun die Mannschaft "the team" and the verb abschaffen "to abolish," "to do away with," "to eliminate". The proper non-wordplay version would be Die Mannschaft schafft sich ab. An approximate translation could read "The team eliminates itself," as they have been eliminated from playing in the World Cup. Let's take a look at some other contexts where the verb abschaffen can be used in the present tense:.

By the way, it's not possible for a political party to "do away" with freedom of the press in Germany because it's a basic constitutional right, but if a bus line is being cut, you can start a citizen's initiative to save it.