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  1. Pupil Transportation - School Bus
  2. General enquiries
  3. ECRP. Vol 1 No 2. The School Bus Project
  4. Why People Vote for Expanded Public Transport but Don't Actually Use It

Pupil Transportation - School Bus

WebQuery helps you determine the schools a student is eligible to attend and the available bus stops. WebQuery also provides a helpful street map.

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The Sudbury Student Services was formed on January 17, as a partnership of the four coterminous school boards in the Sudbury area to deliver common services beginning with student transportation. In July , the four partner boards establishes the Consortium as a separate legal entity through incorporation to further formalize its entity status.

General enquiries

The Sudbury Student Services Consortium is governed by a board of directors consisting of the Chief Financial Officer of each of the member school boards. Continuous optimization exercises have resulted in a transportation system that is one of the most efficient in the Province of Ontario. In addition, the Consortium has implemented one of the most extensive school bus safety programs in Ontario.

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This program includes interactive rider safety training programs for all pupils in grades K to 8 in all elementary schools served. We are also monitoring service levels and measuring them against a number of key service indicators in order to ensure that service is maintained at a high level. Hours are subject to change during school holidays, PD days and during the summer.

ECRP. Vol 1 No 2. The School Bus Project

Follow us on Twitter! Time in Sudbury:. In Martinsburg, Indiana, school administrators—like their colleagues in other rural communities—saw school buses as a way to give children access to better education, and to save money. Some parents objected; they liked the local schools and feared that consolidated schools would increase taxes. But in , three small one-room schools closed, and their 75 students began to take buses to the Martinsburg School.

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This school bus served a small consolidated school in Martinsburg, in rural south-central Indiana. Safety was key to school bus design.

This bus had an all-steel chassis and bright orange paint. The eye-catching color, called double-deep orange, was chosen for safety reasons. Yellow became the standard in and was gradually adopted nationwide. In rural areas in the s, school buses meant the end of the one-room school.

Right Stop.

Progressive educators favored larger schools, arguing they would provide students a better, more standardized education. In Indiana had 4, one-teacher schools; in , just When students attended schools that were far enough away to require a bus ride, lunch at home was no longer possible.

Why People Vote for Expanded Public Transport but Don't Actually Use It

Children might have used lunch boxes such as this one, or simple tin pails from home, filled with homemade biscuits or egg sandwiches and sometimes cookies. Most kids had few belongings to entertain themselves with on the bus and at recess. Marbles and jump ropes were popular at the time and they could be played in groups or alone. Both were inexpensive, but highly prized by the children who owned them. Skip to main content.